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Manon Parent was almost born under water in Paris, France.
At the age of 3 she starts playing violin and dancing.
At the age of 13 she enters the Superior Paris Conservatory (CNSMDP) in contemporary dance. After 5 years, she graduates with technical, anatomy and dance history degrees. Soon after that she gets a superior degree in classical violin, and starts playing non-classical music.
She leaves Paris for Geneva where she lives for a year and perfoms with the Ballet Junior of Geneva and other artists.
After six months she spends travelling, she moves to New York on a Fulbright Scholarship. There she studies Body Mind Centering, which brings her attention on physical and mental health. This is when and why she starts teaching violin and movement.
She performs her work and other people’s work in the City and the rest of United States. Performances including contemporary dance, folk music, chamber music and theater.
In New York she meets Sto Len ; together they decide to start a performance project called Saturn Dogs ( They research on sounds produced by microphones worn on their bodies, make their own costumes and keep their show a completely improvised form. After a short US tour, they both decide to move to Berlin and develop this project.
This is when she leaves New York that Manon decides to create the pluri-disciplinary performance collective Embody.
Manon has presented her choreographical work in France, Switzerland and the United States.

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Margot Dorléans is an artist involved in dance, performance art and healing.
She graduates from the Paris Conservatoire in 2008 ; in 2012/2013 she takes part in a Choreographic Research Program called « Transforme » directed by Myriam Gourfink where she shows a first work called « Vertebrates ». Margot works with Myriam Gourfink since then, as a performer (“Déperdition”).
She is a shiatsu practionner and has a strong yoga training. They both feed her artistic work and nourish her questions about the body and its place in the society.
She collaborates actively with A.I.M.E directed by Julie Nioche (Brèves Suspensions, Voleuse, Sensationnelle and other projects).
She currently feeds her improvisation practice with Rosalind Crisp and works with musicians (Jean-François Pauvros, Trami N’Guyen, Yoann Durant) to invent new shapes of live performing arts.
She has previously worked with Radhouane El-Meddeb (Ce que nous sommes).
Margot looks for artistic practice and energetic practice matching, to help her questioning body language, to open up, walk toward the unknown and release the potential of the Living.

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Katia Petrowick studied contemporary dance at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Danse de Paris (CNSM). She works after that as an interpreter for Marilèn Breuker,Stéphanie Chêne, Eric Senen, Dominique Boivin and Dominique Rebaud. From May 2010 to June 2013, she dances for Luc Petton in his piece “Swan” for which she is awarded as Young Talent Dance by Adami and gets to perform “Rock Identity” by Kataline Patkai.
In parallele, she studies to become a clown at the National Center of the Circus Arts in 2008 and becomes “Claude” in 2013, clowness for the trio “La Mort…ça m?interesse pas!” staged by Stéphanie Constantin. Since May 2009, she co-manages the company L’Embellie Musculaire with puppeteer Ombline de Benque.

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Thropp (Julien Deslandes) is a french self-taught musician, living and working in Paris. He’s producing music with mpc, laptop, analog synths, samples, stomp fx, contact mics…
His sound research is influenced by Industrial, Noise, Electro, Field Recording, HipHop, Brutish music. His practice is focused on ambiences, objects, noises, digital and analog sounds records, which are crushed and shaped to musical objects.
In 2012 he forms the duo OrdThro with the saxophonist Ordure. They produce and improvise an Industrial Electro Noise music. He has collaborated with musicians, artists and performers: Badbad, Cassidy (X-men), Octobre Rouge, Alexandre Siegel, Estelle Benazet, Anna Gaïotti.
His current work is centered on live act, his musical field of expression reaches brutish soundscape to a gloomy granular electro music.

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Anna Gaiotti is a visual artist, performer and poet. She graduated from the National School of Fine Arts in Paris in 2009. She made ​​several installations and costumes (training model and patronage to the KH Berlin Weissensee in 2006-07). Since 2006 she is engaged in a live performance work, which gradually leads her to dance (ballet and contemporary dance). She works with theater companies as set designer and costume designer. In 2011, she joined for two years the master Essais in the National center of contemporary dance in Angers and continues her performance research for the stage. In 2013, she contributes to the germano-french program of discussion Transfabrik. She works with the musicians Thropp (Paris) and Tzii (Brussels). Among the artists with whom she worked in workshops, she was particularly influenced by Antonia Baehr, Claudia Triozzi and Rosalind Crisp.

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Gaspard, né à Paris, espére mourir en montagne.
C’est grâce à un film de Tim Burton qu’il décide de devennir réalisateur.
Et finalement fait des etudes pour devenir costumier. Choix qui s’impose de manière tout à fait hasardeuse. Après une première specialisation dans le tailleur homme, Gaspard se tourne vers le costume et l’habillage de scène. Ses experiences l’ont amené à me former et à travailler au Palais Garnier (Coppélia, Yvonne Princesse de Bourgogne, Orphée et Eurydice), au théâtre du Châtelet (Sweeney Todd, Edward scissorhands), au théâtre des Mathurins (Camille Claudel), dans différentes compagnies de danse (Philippe Découflé, Manakuna) ainsi que pour la television et autres formes d’expression artistique tel que la performance ou les évènements public.
C’est au cours d’une formation au Conservatoire Nationale Supérieur de Musique et de Danse de Paris (CNSMDP) qu’il rencontre Manon Parent.
Passionné par la musique, violoniste amateur, Gaspard fait aussi parti de l’Orchestre des Jeunes d’Alfred Lowenguth (OJAL) qui donne une dizaine de concerts par an à Paris, ainsi que des tournées en France et en Europe; Aix en Provence,Vaison la Romaine, Helsinki, Florence, Prague…

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